USB to CAN compact V2


I am trying to assign a CAN module to my USB to CAN compact V2 in canAnalyser 3. It seems i can only assign CAN-FD module to it. If I am creating a new CAN BUS, assign the controller to it then i want to configure it in the Properties Menu, only the CAN-FD bus shows up. I have another USB to CAN compact V2 convertor where i can assign a CAN bus to it and i am trying to replicate the same project with this convertor too. Could you please help me with this problem?

Hello Sebastian,

Can you confirm the driver that you using for the USB to CAN v2? One of our latest drivers have a bug where it identifies the CAN BUS as a CAN FD. You can still use CAN FD as the node and it will ask a CAN Bus.

We do have an updated firmware being released. I would suggest creating a Support case on our Support case. They may be able to provide the firmware files you need.

I have found a work-around for this problem. I have installed an older version of canAnalyser(3.2.0) and it seems this was the solution for me. The driver I use is VCI V4.

It was not working on the CAN FD bus that is why I was trying to find a solution.