USB-to-CAN V2.04b 1.01.0061.11110

I currently own a USB-to-CAN Compact RJ45 and love the MiniMon functionality, so I don’t want to switch to VCI V4 devices. For that reason I scour eBay for older IXXAT devices to add to the collection as I need more for the field. Found an “IXXAT USB-to-CAN Intelligent CAN Interface” (1.01.0061.11110) thinking it would be easy to use in VCI V3.5, but it is not recognizing it and I can’t find drivers for it. Is there any chance of VCI 3x drivers being available for it?

Hello @efidude,

I am double check what drivers are required for that device i did not find anything on it with my initial searches.

Is the only reason is so you have access to minimon that comes with the VCI v3 drivers? Is there something wrong with CAN analyzer mini or missing features?


Yes, I don’t like V4 with the CAN Analyzer as it doesn’t allow me to set filters the same way that MiniMon does.

Unfortunately the “USB-to-CAN” v2.01b (1.01.0061.11110) is obsolete since about 2003 and
it is not supported with the VCI V3 or VCI V4 drivers.

The “USB-to-CAN” v2.01b can be used with the VCI V2.16.2.6 under Windows 98(Second Edition)/ME/2000/XP only.
(The VCI V2.16.2.6 installs the “Minimon/32”.)

Yikes, okay. Thank you so much for your time and effort Deryck! I appreciate it very much.

You’re welcome have a great week.