USB-to-CAN V2 BUDS2 software doesn't recognize connection


Hi Jacob,

Let me know if you get in touch with the software developer and send any documentation or instructions you have and I will see if there are any clues in those logs.


  • They upgraded BUDS software to connect to CanAm ATV ECU which uses USB-to-CAN but has not worked since update
  • Had VCI v3 and v2 installed, tried replacing with VCI v4 and v2 plug-in but no luck, re-installed v3
  • Was able to verify CAN communication with ECU after updating baud rate in CanAnalyser 3


Hey Kyle just wanted to let ya know we got the program working on another pc. The laptop we were working from is having some issues but we are ok for now using the pc. Appreciate the help again!



OK Great! Let me know if you run into any other issues!