USB to CAN v2 cannot pick default device after Win 10 upgrade




Good morning,

My issue is resolve.



Hi Kyle,

I did uninstall all the older version of VCI and after restarting my computer I install 4.0.848.

I still don’t see the window where we can choose the default USB to CAN II check box.

I included a print screen from my computer.

It is the OEM program that we use with the HW USB to CAN II and now it show an error about CAN.DLL.

Thank you


Hi Kyle,

There is a note in the installation file of our program:

Watch out Important Note!

  • DiaSys needs VCI 3.5.4 as well as VCI 2.20

I also install VCI 2.20 and now I get a new error message when I try to connect with our program DiaSys 2.70.

They ask me to go in control panel and pick HW has Default.

I included a new screenshot.