USB to Can V2 to windows com port

I know this a bit of a long shot but I was hoping to use this usb to can device to enable me to talk to our on site controllers, but the software is looking for a com port to communicate down if i plug into the can analyser mini and go online i can see all the traffic but without the windows com port the software for the controllers will not work any help if this can be done would be great



The software would have to integrate with our VCI or ECI drivers. What is the software?

Its called intelimonitor made by a company called comap








Do you know what protocol it is using? For example, is it using Modbus RTU or is it using something proprietary? We may have a product that you could use, possibly our Anybus Communicator, however, you would need to know how the software worked. It’s also possible that it’s using something proprietary that will only work with their brand of controllers. I tried to download the manual to get an idea, but it required logging in.