Could you please let me know if the USB to CAN v2 Compact is compatible with any other analysing tool like the Wapice CANrunner?

Hello Swathyy,

We do not have any specific references for other analyzing tools. However, Reading over the software documentation, you should just need to load the device drivers and it will connect.

I would also reach out to the software developers regarding compatibility. Unfortunately, we can design/modify our devices for analyzers without their support as well.


I have installed VCI4 driver but when I try to communicate with the USB to CAN V2 compact using the analysis tool, the CAN led is red and communication is not working. Is there any way I can use a serial driver other than the VCI to connect?


After reviewing the documentation, it looks that the VCI driver is the only working driver for the USB to CAN v2. The RED LED just shows that the bus is no communication. You would need to actively send it messages in order for it to trigger communication.

Thankyou for the support. Once the baud rate was set correctly, I was able to communicate.

Excellent. I am glad that you were able to get it running.

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