USB-to-CAN V3.3 - Unable to run canAnalyser Tool


After successfully installing the USB-to-CAN (driver V3.3) canAnalyser/CANOpen Tool set in 2 different Windows-7 PC, the tool always returns the same unknown-error-code: CM-6 during execution of the Application. (Note: The CodeMeter DONGLE is inserted as required by the tool).


Hello @ajdelatorre,

An unknown error code like this can be caused from issues with the codemeter version.

  1. Please deactivate the firewall and tell me if the problem still occurs.

  2. Would you please install the actual Codemeter Runtime Kit and check the result?

  1. Please update the Firmware of the CM-Stick using the Codemeter Control Center as on the attached screenshot.

(Start | All programms | CodeMeter | CodeMeter Control Center | Update Firmware)

  1. Please start the CmDust.exe (Start|All programms|CodeMeter|Tools|CmDust) and send the created CmDust-Result.log to me.



Hi Deryck,

I think that based on your initial reply I have realized the root cause of the problem and it has to do with the Dongle software and Password requirements which I didn’t install and/or configured. This tool has been collecting dust for about 8 years in our department and I have totally forgotten about all the necessary security requirements to run it. Whichever password was set at the time of purchase is now totally forgotten, so that is going to require some painful reset and re-installation of the monitoring Server software. Let me ask you the following questions:

  1. Is there a way of running the canAnalyser monitoring tool without the use of the DONGLE? (Note: don’t really need the CANOPEN module)
  2. Can the monitoring DONGLE software be run from the same PC where the CAN tools reside?
  3. How do I go about resetting the Dongle PASSWORD?



Hello @ajdelatorre,

Do you have the VCI drives installed? this should install CanAnalyser3 mini which does not require a license. I believe other Full versions of CanAnalyser require a license.

The software should be able to run on the pc where the CAN tools are located.

I will need to look into what options we have for resetting the password for the dongle/license. From what I have found so far it looks like you would need the master password.

The two key parts from that page are:
CmStick Master-Password

The CmStick Master-Password is an unchangable sequence of 11 groups each with 5 characters. The Master-Password enables you (or anyone else who knows it) to reset the CmStick Password. You can say it is the general key and therefore, if you have received it (see next paragraph), it should be stored carefully.

If you don’t remember the current CmStick Password, you can insert the CmStick Master-Password instead.

I will check with my colleagues to see if we are able to get the master password. Do you have any info about the dongle such as the serial number?