USB-to-CANv2 driver for Ubuntu 22.04 6.2.0-32-generic


Is there a latest USB-to-CANv2 driver?

I have also tried to install the driver provided here by switching my kernel to 5.19.0-41-generic. However, I am getting the following error.

*** No rule to make target ‘SocketCAN/socketcan_03_15_2023/IXXAT_SocketCAN_2_0_378_Modified_2023-03-15/ix_usb_can_2.0.367-MOD/kernel/drivers/net/can/usb/ixxat_usb’. Stop.

Please help me to properly install the driver.

Thank you.

Hi @ipa-vsp,

This driver should work with 6.2.0-32-generic: (160.8 KB)

It looks like you may be calling make in the wrong directory. Please call make in 2 directories up - directly in ix_usb_can_2.0.367-Mod (and not sub dir /kernel…).