USB to Serial cable

Hi Guys,

Do you have a part number for a USB to serial cable to overcome the end of life of Cosy 141 serial?

If not, we will find one that is compatible and propose this cable to our customers.

Thanking you in advance!

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While we do not necessarily have a specific cable, I personally have had success with the FTDI based TrendNET cables. While this is not an HMS product, I personally have used this cable with success.

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Hi Jordan,

How about this one, did someone tested it?



While we have not tested this directly we have had some success with various Belkin cables. It is really going to be a test and see if it works type of scenario here.

Hello…from what I’ve perused there are sure RS232 errands that no USB-RS232 connector can deal with. I haven’t had any issues with the ones I’ve utilized however with chips from Prolific and FTDI. The least expensive connectors that occasionally pass by the name “Enormous Pine” had a few issues however so I quit utilizing those.