Using Multiple Ethernet Bolts on the same machine/production line network

I am looking to use two wireless bolts, one on either end of a long production line. Are there any considerations, or things to be aware of when deploying multiple Bolts on the same machine network?

Hi @Chad-Gerrie,

There are some important considerations when deploying multiple wireless devices on the same machine network. You will want to consider the current wireless network environment. You can use an App like Network Analyzer (iOS/Android) or Wi-Fi Scanner (Windows) to scan the airways and find the best channel to use. You will also want to consider the distance and obstacles.

For example, 2.4 GHz will typically have a further range and penetrate walls better than 5 GHz, but 5 GHz typically has less interference and higher throughput potential.

There are also considerations for the type of antenna to use. An omni-directional antenna is going to be a better choice for a device that is moving, but a directional antenna might give you better range if the devices are static.

There are many other things that you might want to consider, like security and availability. Was there something specific that you were thinking about?

How far apart are the two ends of the line?

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I have a similar situation, Is this something you found a solution to using multiple Bolts?

Hi @Mickey,

What are the specifics of the situation? Are you having a problem with connecting the Bolts or keeping them connected?

I have a main control panel outside a booth with a VNC tablet docked on it. I have a AWB2030-B Bolt inside a sheet metal booth onboard a machine because the operator carries the tablet for operation from outside to inside and vice versa. I was wondering if I could place a Bolt on the main control panel outside and another on the machine inside to keep wireless connectivity with the tablet as it travels back and forth?

Yes, you can do that. You would want to give them both the same SSID so the tablet will roam between them.