Using multiple Flexy 202 Serial/RS485 Base units as Ethernet gateways for AB SLC 5/03's


I would like to know if it is possible to use multiple Flexy 202 base units without the WAN card as an inexpensive DH+ to Ethernet IP gateway.

I was thinking about connecting the Flexy 202 serial port to the Serial (DF1) port on the SLC 5/03. Then assigning the LAN port and IP address on the controls network.

I only need the SLC’s to be available through RS Linx and to be able to brows to them through a single remote connection if needed. They will not have to pass IO since they are are Stand alone systems.

If it is possible what would the Flexy 202 show up as in RS Linx?

Flexy 202 +/- $600
DH+ To Ethernet/IP gateway $1100-$1500


I think this should be possible, but it does seem like there is a little bit of a restriction on being able to communicate with DH+


Thanks. I do not need the Flexy to poll the PLC. I just need to be able to login remotely through an ewon (a) and create a connection to an ewon 202 (b) that is connected to a PLC. Then connect to the PLC with RSLogix.


Hi @abrannon

I was just checking with my colleague in Belgium and it seems like the only way that you can get DH+ to work is if you use another PLC as a gateway, but we unfortunately won’t be able to do this with a second Flexy


Ok. Thank you. This ticket can be closed.