VCI 4 update with CAN-IB200/PCIe

Dear HMS team,

We have a system that communicates over two IXXAT devices:

1.- CAN-IB200/PCIe
2.- CAN@net II

As CAN@net II is being decontinued we are testing with the new version - CAN@net NT 200.
In order to use this new device we had to update from VCI 3.5 to VCI 4.0.848
The driver of the CAN-IB200 has been udated to

The problem is that after the update it is not possible to initialize the CAN-IB200 through the API commands anymore. It is throwing an error as shown in the picture.


Any piece of advice to make it work as it was before?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Daniel,

I’m wondering if it might be running into issues if there’s more than one VCI driver installed. Can you make sure that the old VCI driver is uninstalled? I’m going to escalate this ticket to some colleauges in Sweden and see if they have a reference for this.


Dear Tim,

Thanks a lot for the answer. I uninstalled the drivers in both cases:
From V3.5 to V4 (it is asked automatically during the installation)
From V4 back to V3.5

I even tried to uninstalled the version V3.5 manually and install again V4.

When I install back the V3.5 the nodes in the CAN network are listed. I think it is an issue with the API Manager. We have the last version (I think it is 6) but after installing V4 it appears the CCI error that I sent in the picture.

Let me know if I can provide more details.

Dear Tim and HMS team,

Did you have the chance to take a look into the issue?
Do you need any more information from my side?

Looking forward to reading from you.

Hi Daniel,

Sorry I think it may have run into some issues when we were changing over to the new support system.

They wanted me to ask you the following:

  1. Could you please let me know if the CAN-IB200/PCIe and the CAN@net NT successfully run
    with the canAnalyser V3 installed with the VCI V4.0.848.0?

  2. The error “CCI installation error” can come from the CANopen Master API.
    Could you please let me know which version of the CANopen Master API is installed?
    CANopen Master API V6.2.54.1?
    (Which version XatCop60.dll)

  3. Please ensure that the XatCOP_VCI3.dll is in the same directory with the XatCop60.dll

Dear Tim,

Thanks for contacting me back.

  1. I was able to see the CAN@net NT but not the old CAN-IB200/PCIe
  2. The version is 6.2.56
  3. Both files are located in the same directory.

Let me know what else we could try. I will be happy to try.



Hi Daniel,

Can you test the NetManage from the CANopen Master API.

You’ll need to copy the CMD and EXE into directory where your program is. Then start it with the CMD files.
Maybe you could change the Baudrate (the parameter after the SELECT), I set it to 500 kBit.

The “start_use_vci.cmd” uses the VCI mode
The “start_use_firmware.cmd” uses the firmware mode.

Hope this helps to find the problem. (32.3 KB)

Dear Tim,

Thanks for the effort and taking the time to help us.

I followed all your instructions and we can see the 2 boards but the new device is not able to see the nodes.

I attach the pictures below

23_Start_use_vci_03 !

Let me summarize some of the test cases:

  1. PCIe + VCI —> Initializes the board and finds all the nodes.
  2. Can@Net 200 + VCI —> Not able to find the board or initialize it.
  3. Can@Net 200 + VCI 4.0.793 —> Finds/Initializes the board but does not find the nodes.
  4. Can@Net 200 + VCI 4.0.848 —> Finds/Initializes the board but does not find the nodes.

Usually we work with a combination of PCIe and Can@net II, but it does not support Windows 10. That is the reason we are trying with the new device.

What else can we try? Can I provide you any more information?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Testing with a newer CANopen Master API (V 6.3.56) does not improve the results.
In fact, the PCIe is not detected when the CAN@net NT is connected and the issues finding the nodes are still there.

Check the picture

I’ll check with my colleagues and see what I can find out for you

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