VCI ran out of memory

I routinely get a “Ran out of memory” fault when using VCI4 to interface with a J1939 device. When I click ‘ok’ to clear that fault, it is followed by an ‘undefined’ error code “-536805373”. This always occurs during the, since I open and close the channel with each transaction. I reasonably believe this is not actually a memory issue with LV. This error seems to occur when the CAN bus is somewhat idle; when I am not sending any intentional commands to the device. I can use the same VIs in programs that cycle that J1939 device many thousands of times and this error does not occur. If I leave the main VI running without cycling the device it will generate that fault within a few minutes. I have to close out LV entirely for the system to function properly again. Does anyone have any ideas what is cause this or how to get around it?


Hello @Charlesd,

This sounds like an issue we will need to forward to the ixxat Team for input. Can you open a support case on Please include the VCI version and if you have not already, I recommend updating to the recent release on the ixxat site. There was a release recently.