VCI V2.208550 - Driver not recognized on VirtualBox Win7

Hi there

We have virtualized a Win7 client with Virtualbox latest version with guest Addons. When we try to install the VCI V2.208550 something happens, but the drivers were not installed. Therefore the can-bus is not getting recognized.

We already have removed al usb-drivers and tried to reinstall the VCI V2.208550 drivers. The problem still occour.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Correction: We have to use the VCI 2.18.

What happens? Is there an error message? Is there an Anti-virus running on the PC?

This is a very old version of the driver. Is there a reason you must use this version instead of installing VCI V4 with the VCI 2 add-on?

Hi Kyle, thank you very much for your reply. I will provide more informations asap. Colleague in charge is on holiday.

You may also want to create a case at so it will go directly to your local IXXAT support person.

Hi Kyle,
I installed VirtualBox, set up a virtual Windows 7 machine and installed on it the VCI 2.18 according to our CAN-BUS supplier. (they have the same configuration to be able to manage old devices)
In the VirtualBox Settings, i filtered the USB-to-CAN device to be recognized as a device on the virtual machine. Up to here all good.
On the device manager of the virtual machine I can see the device as “Unknown device” but there is no way to install the driver. The driver from the VCI 2.18 installer is not applied.
The installation of the VCI 2.18 works fine, no errors! But if I try to install the driver manually by searching the “installed driver list”, there is no driver for this device.
We have to use this old driver version because of communication issues with a newer one.
There is no Anti-virus running on the virtual machine.

Do you have only the VCI V2 addon installed? You may need to install the VCI V3 or V4 drivers along with it.