VCI V2.208550 - Driver not recognized on VirtualBox Win7

Hi there

We have virtualized a Win7 client with Virtualbox latest version with guest Addons. When we try to install the VCI V2.208550 something happens, but the drivers were not installed. Therefore the can-bus is not getting recognized.

We already have removed al usb-drivers and tried to reinstall the VCI V2.208550 drivers. The problem still occour.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Correction: We have to use the VCI 2.18.

What happens? Is there an error message? Is there an Anti-virus running on the PC?

This is a very old version of the driver. Is there a reason you must use this version instead of installing VCI V4 with the VCI 2 add-on?

Hi Kyle, thank you very much for your reply. I will provide more informations asap. Colleague in charge is on holiday.

You may also want to create a case at so it will go directly to your local IXXAT support person.