VCI V2 API-Addon (VCI2 on VCI4) File Download


Hi ,

I am not able to download the file for - VCI V2 API-Addon (VCI2 on VCI4) As this file seems malicious and is blocked by the anti-virus in my organization.
Please help. Attached file for reference.


Hello, I’m going to try and include them in a zip file below, let me know if it lets you download these:

VCI 4.0

VCI 2.0 (3.6 MB)


Hi, I am looking for the add on.Coz we have VCI V4, we just need an add on.
VCI V2 API-Addon (VCI2 on VCI4)


try this one: (1.2 MB)


I get the same error for this. The Anti-Virus marks it as a threat and quarantines it, thus preventing the download.


Any way you can disable the anti virus temporarily?


It is at Corporate Level. I won’t be able to disable it.


Could you get your IT to download it on the pc?


It seems like the only way around this would be to add an exception for this or temporarily disable the firewall