VCI V3: Units of a 'tick'

The VCI V3 API Manual says the resend time of a frame added to the scheduler is in ‘ticks’ What are the units of a ‘tick’? Specifically I’m looking to convert a period (in milliseconds) to ‘ticks’.


The increment of a Tick in seconds is determined by the equation defined on page 26 of this manual,

Thanks; so the unit of a tick is seconds. Seems odd that to programmatically determine this, floating point is needed (assuming that Ixxat has better than 1 second accuracy). Seems like it would be easier to talk in a smaller unit.

I am going to ask my colleagues in Ravensburg to elaborate on this. I will update you with their answer as soon as I have it. Thanks!

I was provided some information as well as some examples from colleague,

"Please find a VCI3.NET time stamp programming example and a VCI3-C-API time stamp programming example in the attachment.
I think that the time stamp calculation is better described in the C-API manual.

static ulong qwTimeStampResolNSec = 0; // time stamp precis resolution
static ulong qwTimeInTicks = 0; // time stamp in ticks
static ulong qwTimerOverruns = 0; // number of timer overruns
static ulong qwTimeStamp = 0; // time stamp in 100ns

qwTimeStampResolNSec = (ulong)1000000000 * mCanCtl.TimeStampCounterDivisor / mCanCtl.ClockFrequency;

Please note the tick values are different for each hardware." (16.3 KB) (24.7 KB) (9.1 MB)

My colleague also mentioned that he is working on an example to show how to set the transmit scheduler in milliseconds (or microseconds)

I am not sure when this example will be available.

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My colleague provided example code for using Microseconds,

vciv3_scheduler_tick_calc.c (2.1 KB) (65.7 KB)