Viewon action to load url

I have a Viewon Action to load URL:

It works for me testing on a Flexy, but a customer says they only get 3 days.
Can you see anything wrong, or is it maybe something with available memory?
Which “Systemcounter/Memory information” do I need to look at to see if it is a memory problem?

Hi @landersson ,

Have you check how much log data is available? If they are logging a significant amount of data they might be circularizing the data log in 3 days.

I was thinking so too, but how do I best check that?

Exporting a log without a time frame will grab all available logs give you everything available on the ewon.

Something like

ok, but if there is so much data logging so it gets over written after 3 days , I wouldn’t see it with that command either, or?

Im not sure I understand what you are asking.

This would should you the full range of data. If there is log data beyond 3 days there could be an issue with your EBD.

You may need to reduce the number of tags logging or how often they are being triggered to increase you log period.