Viewon from smartphone


I created a project in viewon to see the value of process’s tags. But when I search the link with the smartphone it doens’t appear nothing.

Is there any problem with this?



Just to make sure, are you able to see the device’s normal webpage on eCatcher mobile when you connect or is it just running into issues with viewon?


Also this section may help if you go under properties



In the app of eCatcher mobile I can connect to Flexy but I can’t enter in the webpage to see his configuration.
In Viewon I already select the smartphone I use.
and in both case I always have the same message that Safari can’t open the page because the server don’t answer


Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re experiencing some server issues right now. I just updated our banner with a link for the status of the devices but here’s the link if you want to check it. We’re waiting on hearing back from the Belgium team that’s working on this