viewON page requires password

I have created a viewON dashboard and I just added a new page; whenever I go to that page it requires the password to the eWON. I have setup the viewON permissions to allow Viewer, Operator and Admin access.

I named the page “Alarms”… does that have the potential to lockout the page?

This is the error I get when I cancel the login:

Hello @Adrian,

If you are pulling alarms on this page, try selecting the Alarm summary and alarm history also under your accessible features (the screenshot you sent on the first post).


@juliana_hms So the tag that is reading is actually an integer that displays text depending on the value (If statement - alarm setting not enabled); I went ahead and changed the ewon settings to allow for the reading of alarm summary and alarm history but I am still getting the same requirement of logging in.

Ewon settings

Tag settings

Page settings

Alright. Let’s try something else. Go to your viewOn project → Project → Project proprieties-> Uncheck the “enable user security” → Ok and re-download your project to the flexy.
If the issue persists try rebooting your flexy and viewOn.


So I’ve done some testing and it seems as though I only need to login once I make a text animation. I tried using states and I didn’t have to login but as soon as I updated the animation to a simple → text → basic then I am required to login.

This is strange to me because on two other pages I am using simple → text and I do not need to login. I even used the same basic script as the pages that I do not need to login to and it was still asking me to login

@juliana_hms I tried disabling user security, rebooted the ewon and viewOn but I am still having the same issue. Could this be related to the number of pages I am using?


This case was escalated.

If it is a requirement that the password for the ewon be entered in order to view the scripts then we can close this ticket.