ViewON symbols personalization



Is it possible to edit viewON symbols or to create new ones with HTML and CSS ?
For example I would like to have a beautiful button in my viewON application. The default button symbol looks like Windows XP button …


Correct. The ViewON application just creates the HTML and CSS files and uploads them to the eWON. You can certainly modify those files manually if you have experience with HTML and CSS. However, you cannot modify the actual ViewON program itself.


Ok I can modify HTML files in my computer. But when I want to upload them on my Flexy, the HTML code is regenerated from the viewON project and everything I customed with HTML and CSS is deleted (have no idea what is really going on, but the result is this).
Is there a way to access to the “/usr” file (directly in the Flexy) in order to copy-past my customed HTML files ?


Yes, you just use FTP to access the /usr directory.