VPN server connection error

Dear Ewon Technical Support Team,

I am writing to request your assistance with an issue that I am facing with my Ewon Flexy 205 device. I have been trying to set up my VPN connection, but I am unable to establish a successful connection. I have already attempted several troubleshooting steps, including resetting my router and device, double-checking my VPN settings, and confirming that there are no firewall blocks on my network.

Despite these efforts, I am still experiencing issues with the VPN connection. I have also run Talk2M checker through both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable connections, and I have noticed that while the Wi-Fi connection is able to connect to the VPN server, the Ethernet connection is not. Additionally, when I run the VPN wizard configuration, I am receiving a VPN timeout error.


I would appreciate any guidance or support that you could provide me to help me resolve this issue. Please let me know what additional information you need from me to diagnose the problem and how we can proceed from here.

Thank you.


HI Thanahenry,

Is this Ewon using Ethernet for its Internet connection? I notice that the Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks use different subnets ( and Are you certain the network doesn’t have any additional security measures enabled on it?

Can you attach a backup with support files from the device? You can capture one using eBuddy by checking “include support files” during the Backup wizard. This will let us take a look at the device’s logs and configuration.

Best regards,

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for your response. Yes, the Ewon device is using Ethernet for its internet connection (WAN), and I have checked with my IT team, they have confirmed that there are no security measures enabled on the network. They have open to all access for it.

The different subnets used are to avoid disturbance on our LAN network segment (.19 )while using Wifi.

Even with wifi setting, I am not able to setup up Ewon VPN wizards. it always fails on timeout to connect to the VPN server.

I will send you the backup and support file once I back to the factory tomorrow. :slight_smile:

It’s midnight here.

attached the back file for you assistance. Thank you


Thanks for sharing the backup. The errors are consistent with not being able to reach our servers, with the realtime logs showing the device failing to find a route to the IP address for VPN server 34 ( Because this lines up with the Talk2M Connection Checker reporting it can’t reach any of our servers, it looks like this is a problem on the network side.

Here is our document on firewall configuration to reach our servers: KB-0209-00 - Addresses and ports used by Talk2M

I recommend IT ensure that *.talk2m.com is allowed on ports 443 and 1194.