WAN connection failing with subnet mask

I have an Ewon with an end user who wants the the subnet mask of the Cosy 131 to be But the internet wizard fails each time saying it wasn’t able to make a WAN connection. Switching the Cosy subnet mask back to seems to fix the problem. I think part of the problem is that a gateway is automatically created in EBuddy when the subnet mask is, but there is no gateway in EBuddy when you set the subnet mask to

Any recommendations on how to setup the Cosy properly to be compatible with a subnet mask of

What are the LAN IP and WAN IP for the Ewon? A subnet mask of isn’t a problem, but it does mean that the subnet is going to be larger, so IP addresses that are in different subnets with a mask of might conflict now.

For example, the default LAN IP of the Ewon is with a subnet mask of This means the Ewon’s LAN subnet is 10.0.0.X, so a WAN IP of is in a different subnet and is compatible. If the LAN subnet mask is changed to, the LAN subnet is now 10.0.X.X, which means the previously compatible WAN IP of is now in the same subnet and therefore causes a conflict.