Web Based configuration acces


I’m using AB7072 AnyBUS converter for our stations to comunicate with the customer. They are working fine, the only issue is Web based user/password protection. For configuring of the devices Anybus Configuration Manager is used when connected through serial port.

The customer requires Web based confuration to be passord protected aswell. As I’m not an expert help in setting this would be much appritiated. In addition to that some of the cnverters have a user/password protection and I can’t guess it.
Please help.

Thanks, Rajko

Hello @Rajko,

The AB7072 can only be programed/configured over the serial programming port. You are not able to program it via a network.

There is a webserver on the device where custom pages can run. See section 7.2 and 4.1 for info for setting a password.


Hi Deryck,

Should I use FileZilla Client or FileZilla Server Interface to reach config files?

Filezilla client should work. You can also follow the example provided in the user guide. Please read chapter 4.


Sorry for a late reply and thanks.
With some additional help from a colegue I now have the solution.


Hello @Rajko,

Glad to hear you have a solution.