What causes a NS Critical Link Failure?

We have a Anybus Gateway model AB7509-F Devicenet to Proifnet IRT and we keep getting a red light on the NS. The documenyts state that its a critical link failure, but doesn’t what that could be. I have search HMS web site and the web and have found nothing to pointing me in the direction of what the casue coudl be.

Does anybody know what causes this fault?


The NS, Network Status, LED being red is saying there is an issue connecting on the bus. The errors can vary, but this at least indicates it is connected to the bus. Your Devicenet master might provide additional info on the connection and the bus.

It might also help to check the status of the MS led. Is this indicating any issue?

Okay so we know we have a connectio, but you are saying there is an issue on the Master side which is our Robot?

The MS status light is green.

Yeah, it sees its connected to a bus but there is an issue. I expect the master to have diagnostic status info.