Wireless Bolt II Connection speed?

I am using a wireless bolt II in cable replacement mode. Connection is 5g with a very good connection quality of 45db. The client currently only has one IO-link master device talking to a plc. I cannot increase the requested packet interval (RPI) connection speed in the plc below 50 before the plc starts showing a dropped connection for the device.

Hi Jason,

To keep this forum aligned with the support ticket, I will also answer here.

The Bolt II has hardware limitations of 64MS as the lowest RPI HMS recommends. Below that, stability issues may occur.

These limits are documented on page 31 of the following documentation: Anybus Bolt
As it is a limitation of the device, there is not much that can be done to improve performance.

It is not currently well documented in the Bolt II documentation or for WiFi communication. The Bluetooth recommendations will be the same as the WiFi recommendations for both the Bolt and Bolt II. There has been a request put in to update the Bolt II documentation with this information.

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