Wireless Bridge Application


Could someone please verify if the following network below will work with using your wireless bridge devices?

Basically looking to use as if the MOXA devices were hardwired to the Customer’s switch.

Would like to confirm that using the buttons on the units to pair up is all that is needed to do this.


Kirk Twelmeyer

Electronic Controls Specialist


Hi Kirk,

Yes this should be possible.The bolt is capable of 20Mbps which should be enough to stream a HD video.



That’s good to know the video will work.
How about the MOXA devices getting their IP addresses from the customer’s DHCP server over the wireless bridge?
There will also be data going to a SCADA system on the customer’s LAN



When you are connecting two AWB devices together they act as a wire replacement. So DHCP requests should go though without any issue.



In my drawing I need to have one access point with 3 clients acting as a wire replacement.
This configuration is still the same as connecting two AWB devices together correct to act as a wire replacement, correct?


Yes, When AWB devices are connected using the pairing method they will make connections on layer 2 so traffic should make it though the connection with out issue.

See page 31 Appendix A for details on the setup process.