Wireless Bridge II with PROFINET network problem

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I am having an issue that seems to be related to the Anybus Wireless Bridge II connection, please check the attached images.
I am testing a simple PROFINET network where I have a Siemens S7-1500 PLC connected to a Managed Switch and a pair Wireless Bridge II Access Point-Client between the switch and a Wago Bus coupler. I have tried different combinations of Update Time and Watchdog Time for the I-O devices, but I keep having issues with the connection after being stable for some minutes. The error that I usually get is a watchdog time expired for RIO204 (the device connected to the Wirless Bridge II branch) and I lose the 4-20mA signal that I am reading from RIO204. However, when I connect a network cable between the switch and RIO204, the connection is stable and I do not get errors. I do not have GSD files for the Bridge II, so I am not able to include them in the hardware configuration in Siemens TIA Portal. The access point and client are were optimized for PROFINET.

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Profinet Network.pdf (174.3 KB)

When you connect to the access point on your PC are you able to ping each of these profinet devices?

Yes, my PC is connected to the switch and I am able to ping all the profinet devices.

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