Write parameters using trigger MODBUS HMS-EN2SE-R

how to write parameters MODBUS using a trigger?

I am working with STUDIO 5000

Hello Jona,

If you are using Modbus Mode, i would take a look at Chapter 7 of the Manual.

Produce Trigger Byte: When this byte is updated the corresponding transaction is sent from the Gateway.
Consume Trigger Byte: When a transaction is recieved, the byte is updated sequentially updated to reflect new data has been recieved.

Once you update the configuration on the Gateway, and Device Profile in Studio. The trigger should be displayed within the Tags. You will use the corresponding tags to activate/monitor the trigger byte.

Thanks Kevin

I am currently using the master mode protocol, in the following image I am writing 4 variables, but I need the writing to be done with the help of a trigger.

in the configuration of the query modify the update mode to “change of state on trigger”, but in the mapping of the variables I don’t see where it is mapped

What is the procedure to map the trigger variable?

Hello Jona,

You will map the Trigger Byte under “Trigger Byte Address”, this will create a byte of data that you will trigger from the ethernet side to send the command out.

For the query to be sent out, you will need to update the trigger byte within Studio 5000.

I do not have any specific examples of how to do it with Studio 5000, unfortunately.