32601 httpc-http connect error

I am receiving this message in the diagnostic data “32601 httpc-http connect error esyncitf”… It coincides with my DataMail box not updating. Any idea what I need to look at to correct the problem?

Can you provide a backup with Support files? I would need greater context to determine the point of failue.

Here is the back up with support files

I had noticed one other device was reporting an issue with the internet connection. Upon further investigation it may have been a router issue. Let me know if you see anything in the data that disproves my assertion.


I apologize for the delay. I do see a couple issues.

  1. Firmware
    You firmware version is quite out of date. Our latest firmware version is 14.1 s2. I would advise updating your firmware to the latest version. You will need to perfoorm the updates sequentially. 11.2-12.x-13.x-14.0-14.1

  2. Cyclic Section
    You do have some code running in the cyclic section. We strongly advise for you to move this code to the Init Section. As the cyclic section is devoted to boot processes, and code may interfere with it.

This is a 2005CD can it accept 14.2 firmware?

Any suggestion were to put the “ONTIMER” instruction for calling sub routines??

Doesn’t Init only run once at bootup? Wouldn’t this be the place for boot code?

Please elaborate on how cyclic section is for boot code. If possible point to the information about this.



The Ewon 2005CD does not take the latest firmware.

I would put the ONTIMER on the INIT section.

The cyclic section is a very fast portiong of the processor. This can cause many issues if the commands are sent too often. We always advise to create a new section, or put code in the init section.

Thanks I will give it a try



No update from customer

The OnTimer has been moved to the Init section. It appears moving the OnTimer helped the HTTPC error.

Can a eon CCD 2005 running firmware 11.2 be updated to 11.3?


the Ewon CD series are legacy devices, and the last firmware would be 11.2.1.

We currently do not have any plans to continue with firmware updates to these units.

Hello Tim,

It rejected the email with the zipped tar file. Will try uploading through the support site



Hi George, I think you meant to comment this here: