AB7007 Existing Communicator Retrieve Configuration



I am working on a project for a customer that has an existing AB7007. It is twelve years old and was installed by a contractor that is no longer in business. They want me to configure a spare AB7072 with the same configuration that the existing AB7007 has installed BUT they don’t have the original configuration file.
How can I do this? I am reading in this forum that there is not a way to pull the configuration off of the AB7007.
There is about 400 data points passing through the AB7007.
Hopefully if I can’t retrieve/upload the CFG I can recreate the new one easily.
Next question is: I can PING the AB7007 can I view/monitor the subnetwork with Ethernet? Configuration manager appears to only let me view the AB7007 with serial com?


Hello @lday,

You can connect to the device using the rj11 serial programming port. to do this you will need the serial programing cable, a db9 to rj11 cable. If needed you can use a usb-2-serial to connect. Once you are connected you can upload the config from the device. You can then reuse the configuration on another device. Where you are change to a ab7072 you will need change the field bus to use the 2 port ethernet/IP / modbus tcp option.

You can view the the raw serial by connecting to the device via the programming cable and taking a log. Though the ethernet side you can only access the data on the device. Either though ethernet/IP or modbus TCP.



Okay. Thanks