AB7318 - No communication

My problem has two parts.

Currently I’m working on a CANbus network that uses both 11 bit and 29 bit identifiers. I wanted to use AB7318 to read these values out, but it doesn’t seem that a single module can read out both of 11 bit and 29 bit identifiers. So now I am trying to read the 11 bit values.

Unfortunately, when using 11 bit identifiers the subnet led (led 5) starts flashing a red light. When I use 29 bit identifiers this led turns green, but these are not the messages I’m trying to read out. I’m unsure why I suddenly get a subnet error upon changing the identifiers, even though both 11 and 29 is available on the network.

When I read out the values using the line listener, I do indeed receive the correct values, however they are not being sent to the PLC (using the EDS config) and the led keeps flashing. The diagnostics don’t seem to provide much information I think.

Line Listener Data - 201007 121313.csv (375.9 KB) Diagnostics Data - 201007 121341.txt (1.4 KB) 201007 121412.html (13.0 KB)

Correct, you can only use 11 bit OR 29 bit IDs, not both at the same time.

I believe this is an error in the configuration, perhaps the size does not match the data being received in one of the transactions using the 11 bit ID. Can you share your config file?

Thank you. You should be able to find the config file underneath.
CANbus_Short.hcg (5.1 KB)

Looks like Coolant Status [341] is only consuming 4 bytes. You need to consume all 8 bytes or you will get a subnet error.