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Am writing form chile and I recently buy an AB7653 gateway that was running perfect for last two months. today the profinet port stopped. If I connect to a notebook the port is not enabled it is as if it were disabled, and the link led and cs its off.

If a install the last firmware will work?? please send me the last firmware of this gateway. I did not find it on web page, or another solution. I have a machine stopped for this.

Please, your help with this problem.



Can you please provide the serial number for the device?

We also have a ticket from slara at your company. Is this for the same issue?

Hi, yes i for the same issue.


OK. I’ve been in touch with Cristian at Tech Value. Is that who I should be working with now?

We are in touch with Cristian because we buy the gateway to techvalue. But we are now in field in front of the machine because is urgent find the solution. We will try in a few minutes write directly in the reset bit but we are not sure if that will correct the problem.

In hms.now forum find the same issue case and the fastest solution was load the firmware again.


OK. Please provide the serial number.

Can you try to re-download the configuration (.cfg file) with the Anybus Configuration Manager X-Gateway? When connected to the device (via USB), can you also go to the Tools Menu > Set Operation Mode and tell me what it says?

Also, please verify on your Profinet controller that the device is present with the correct settings in the running program (in TIA Portal).

Hello, I am communicating a siemens S7-1200 PLC (Profinet IO) with a KUKA robot (Devicenet).
For two months there were no problems with the operation of the gateway, during which time it was in our workshop while the project was being assembled.
Now that we are working on the plant where the project will be implemented, the gateway has failed operation since the first moment it was turned on. The electrical connection conditions did not change.
The ethernet port of the gateway does not respond, when connected to a PC through a network cable, the network adapter of the PC reports “network cable disconnected”. The activity LEDs of the PC when connected to the gateway do not turn on, when connecting the project switch the LEDs do not turn on.

The Profinet interface has the “GW status” LEDs, CS and MS remain lit green at all times. The “Link” LED remains off at all times.

Has the PROFINET side been configured with the Siemens software (TIA Portal)?

Yes, the gateway was configured correctly from the TIA Portal and was working fine for 2 months. Last Friday when he turned it on he threw the problem…

Is this regarding the same device as jtorres here?

Yes, we are working together.

OK, I have combined the cases. I am still waiting on the serial number. Can you provide it please?

Serial: A042347D

This is the latest firmware:

AB7653.zip (73.7 KB)

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