ABCC-B40 - Profinet Modul with Lite-Driver

I have a problem with the ABCC-B40 Profinet and Lite-Driver (Serialmode).

In my opinion, the Modul is correctly initialised. I can see the correct ADI-values in the webinterface of the anybusmodule but i don’t get the values in the B&R-Profinet Master (X20IF10E1_1).
It’s also possible to generate the GSDML-File with the "HMS Profinet GDS Generator Tool’.

I already adopted the Anybus Lite-Driver for using with ABCC-B40 ModbusTCP

GSDML-V2.34-Schaller Messtechnik GmbH-LFTD2020-20210113.xml (28.0 KB)

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