Anybus Bolt Wifi Distance


Hi Tim,

I’m going to look into some more info on this and get back to you in this post



Hi Tim,

I think that the topic below from Kent should be pretty useful in this case

Let me know if you have any questions on this


Tim, were you able to find out if we can increase the signal output to increase the range of the WiFi?

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Hi Tim,

Was this post helpful at all with talking about the different channels?


No, this post did not help. I’m not having issues with dropping data or interference. Our issue is with the line of sight range of the wifi. We have 6 very remote sites, none of which are close to one another and no other wifi is on site. We can only get 100-150’ from the Bolt before it drops the wifi connection. We are/were only asking if there is a setting to increase the power/signal output.

At this point it doesn’t appear there is.


Let me try and check with some colleagues in Sweden and see if they have any recommendations



We wanted to check if the units that you’re working with have a clear line of sight to each other?


Yes definitely clear line of site.

To clarify, each remote well site (no other wifi around) only has one Access Point and we have mounted the Bolt 15’ in the air and we do have clear line of site. Again, the Bolt is working properly, it just does not have very good range. My question is; is there a setting via AT commands that will allow us to increase the signal output strength?