Canopen module with siemens s1200 controlling a servo motor Igus


I have a task which I’m not able to accomplish because of my little knowledge in canopen, however I have an Igus drive which need to be configured in canopen and I’m using an IXXAT extension module to achieve so with a siemens plc, my question is of anyone came cross similar task or have idea in how to support me.

You are going to have to read the documentation for the Igus drive, and the documentation for the IXXAT extension module. We can only answer specific questions about our IXXAT products. We can’t tell you how to configure a 3rd party device.

In your case, it sounds like you are going to need to use the CM CANopen Configuration Studio to create a configuration. See “View Help” under the “Help” menu for instructions. You will also most likely need the EDS file for the drive which you can get from Igus.

Also see: CM CANopen User Manual

Hi Kyle,
I have set up the IXXAT module from the software “CM CANopen Configuration Studio 2.2” and set it up to read a ctrl word(6041) and write in a ctrl(6040) word from the drive, and then I downloaded the config properly, I set up the hardware configuration in the siemens side as well, and all seems working as the led are green and comms are ok, now the hard part for me is what block in siemens Tia portal to use in order to start read and write to the Drive, I’m using WRREC and RDREC blocks to read and write, but I’m not really sure if this is the right way to read and write to ctrl word previously configured! so can you confirm if blocks WRREC and RDREC are good to use to read a 16bit control word and write to a 16bit control word? please.

thank you

Hi @Vilo,

Please take a look at the attached Demo. Please make sure to read chapter 4 about exchanging of process image data.

CANopen (7.0 MB)