EBD in Script

Below is my code. I was not able to get two tags to export together. I can get each tag to export individually but not both tags together in one file. Thoughts?

EBD_STRING$ = “$dtHL $ftT $et $st_m1 $tnEwonTestReal $tnEwonSdFreeSpace”
FILENAME$ = “/usr/sdext/DataReport” + “_HT10T0” + “.txt”


If you want them in the same file then you should add the two tags into a group then use that in your EDB. You can do this by editing the tag to be in a group then adding that to your EDB.

Thanks for the idea, but I need to export 20 different groups of tags, so with only 4 groups available (ABCD), I can not do it that way unless I am missing something on the tag groups.

I was not able to get the “multiple tag” qualifier to work but if you need to group tags in reports and have more than 4 tag groups, see this thread for a possible workaround.

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