EC360 - Quick Client Disconnected for TIME_TO_LIVE_EXPIRED


I have a EC360 on a customer site monitoring 2 Allen Bralley ML1400 PLC’s from a WIndows Server using a SCADA Application. Since we deployed the system , the Quick Client its been disconnected because a TIME_TO_LIVE_EXPIRED event. I check the logs and this happens exactly 8 hours after the connection . I updated the firmware to the last version and synchronized the configurations from the Netbiter portal as recommended on this post: Tunnel closed for unknown reason

However, we still have the issue. Is there any way to disable this Time to live expired check?

Hi @Luis_Johnson,

Do you mind creating a case at I’m not sure if there is a TTL limit on the server side and will have to escalate your case to the Netbiter team. I could not find a place to change this setting on the client side.

Thank you,