eFive Ewon VPN Fail & cannot connect VPN from Windows

Couple of things

  1. We have an eFive and 2 Flexy20200 connected by VPN, the Flexy units ran for less than a day and disconnected from the eFive server, we had to reset (level 1) the units to work again. I would like to arrange for you to connect to the system and review our configuration.

  2. I am trying to connect to eFive with Windows machine, I have read kb-0099-0 , get the following error and more

Wed Mar 21 16:34:18 2018 VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=CA signature digest algorithm too weak: C=CA, O=VPN Net name, CN=


The level 1 reset only resets the login into the eWON device. The level 2 reset is a factory reset.
A level 1 reset should have no affect on the device’s performance so it’s possible that a reboot caused the modem to reinitialize and receive a connection rather than the eWON login password reset.

Do you have the VPN cert in the folder and does the name match what is in the eFive.ovpn file?

We can definitely have a teamviewer session to troubleshoot the issues.

I have some contact information already, would you be able to private message me a time you would like to have a meeting?


After some troubleshooting, the eWON that was dropping was due to the call budget being empty.
We changed his call allocation to a value of 0 to resolve that issue.