Ewon Cosy 131 Recovery Failure

Hey all,

A customer of ours had an old Ewon Cosy, second-sourced. They got in contact with us to try and get it configured for remote access. However, we’ve run into some problems.

When the Cosy powers up, all of the status lights remain on and unchanging. eBuddy is normally unable to detect the unit. We attempted to run a recovery using the serial number - the recovery turned all of the status lights green after reboot, but eBuddy soon informed us that it had “failed to send file to RAM” and aborted the process.

I’m concerned that this is an internal problem with the Ewon’s memory. Anyone have any ideas, or experience with similar symptoms? Am I missing something simple?



Before going too far, can you please advise as to the serial number found on the side of this hardware?


I had not heard back on this thread. Were you able to provide the serial number for this unit?

Hi, I’ve been out of the office. I’ll track that down and get back to you.

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Sorry for the long response time! The serial number is 1548-0040-22.



A batch of components within eWON Cosy 131s, the RAM components, have shown timing issues which could cause the eWON to stop working permanently including failure to complete the boot sequence.

Your device serial number is within that batch and is eligible for a fast RMA.

To perform a fast RMA, you just have to fill out an online form, and a replacement device will ship within a few business days. In this specific case, you do not need to return the old device.

Online form located here:

For more detailed information about this update, please see the following topic:

I’m experiencing the same issue with a Cosy 131. It failed while trying to do a firmware update and now I get the “failed to send to RAM” message when trying again.


Thank you in advance


Your device falls within this batch as well.

You just need to fill out the google docs form in the post above and a replacement device will ship within a few business days.

Thank you for the response. I filled out the form, but never received an acknowledgment. I waited a couple of days and still nothing. Should I have received a response?


I looked and they have received your form. The replacement device will ship either today or Monday, and you will get an email with the tracking information when it ships.

I have the same issue with a SN 2212-0384-22. A much later model, but this is not the first time. I also get “Failed to erase flash”"