eWON Technical Update - 2017-08-11


In order to provide the most information possible, we would like to inform our customers of an issue which may impact a small subsection of eWON COSY 131 and eWON Flexy models. The issue only affects a small number of devices however to alleviate any future concerns we would like you and your customers to be aware of this in the event you experience any of these problems.

Issue Description

A batch of components within these units, the RAM components, have shown timing issues which could cause the eWON to stop working permanently including failure to complete the boot sequence.


The following, though not all, behaviors may be seen.

  • The unit fails to complete boot.
  • Some or all LED’s remain illuminated post boot.
  • A recovery is impossible to complete.

Units Affected:

As previously noted, only a small portion of units are affected as a result of this issue.
  • Only units with serial numbers falling within the following range are affected:
    • Serial Numbers ranging from: 1537 - 1605 (first 4 digits in the serial number)
    • These are units manufactured between September 2015 and January 2016.
    • Cosy 141 & CD series units are NOT affected.
  • Only COSY 131 and Flexy units are affected
    • This includes the 131 C & D variants as well as Flexy 201, 202 and 203 variants.

Corrective Action

To correct the aforementioned issues we have issued an automatic reconfiguration to all affected units that are active & connected to Talk2M. This automatic reconfiguration has occurred in two waves: the first in early April 2017 and the second in late July 2017.

For most units, this automatic reconfiguration has alleviated the RAM issue. For a small percentage of devices however the RAM component was beyond repair and as such has caused some units to stop working permanently.

Units that have faced this problem however are eligible for a Fast RMA available through the following online form:

Warranty Update

Due to this anomaly, we have extended the warranty to 8 years for the impacted units as defined above.


We thank you for being an eWON customer and for your understanding in this matter.