eWon will not go online

I have a customer in China with a Flexy unit that is having problems going online. The setup for a DHCP connection, and appears to have passed the internet connection test, but I cannot seem to figure out why it will not go online.
My first thought is to have them set it up as a Static address to see if that resolves the issue, but beyond that, I don’t have much of an idea. It seems most problems I run into with these units are customer network related.
I have included a screenshot of the event log and main browser page. Maybe someone will be able to point me in a direction to resolve this?


I would update the device to the latest firmware. China is a little bit more difficult because of their national firewall.

I would first determine what there network setup is like DHCP vs Static Network.
Update the firmware of the unit to the latest build. This has to be done sequentially 12.->13.0->14.0-> latest

Also confirm with there IT what DNS they are using to eliminate the DNS erros.

I have embedded the talk2m server infomration to assist their IT Network with firewall settings.

They may need to use the UDP, as TCP is blicked by China’s firewall.


Thank you. I will pass along this information and should have some sort of answer tomorrow morning.

I will update you as I receive information.

Thank you,


Still waiting on a reply from the customer. They made the IP changes, but I am unclear about the firmware.
Do you guys have any reps in China? Or that speak fluent Chinese? I have a feeling they are not fully understanding everything I’m telling them.


This is the contact information for the sales department in China. They should be able to forward this issue to their support: