Ewon x005cd access denied

I am working with an ewon x005cd as stated in the above topic. I no longer have access to the Talk2M account for which it was originally connected. What process should be done so that access can be given to the correct account.


For account changes, you we ask that you create a ticket on our Support Portal. Please provide the following information when creating the ticket.

Serial Number
Account Information
History Of purchase

From there, we can do what we can on our end to assist with the matter.


How do I create a support ticket?


It appears the Link to the Support Portal was pasted in.


All you will need to do is create an account, and make new ticket.

unfortunately every browser be it chrome, edge or even and odd one like samsung’s internal one. nothing is working. Is there as better way to communicate than through the forum?


For account changes, we require that you create a ticket on our support portal. Please review the following forum post for troubleshooting the browser issue.