Firmware 2.0. bolt still drops comms

I am still having this issue with my wireless bolt running firmware 2.0.2 it seems the bolt goes drops comms after it runs for a couple of days and needs power cycled to restore communications. This issue causes major issues as it is the link between my HMI and system and don’t want the customer to have to open the panel to have to reset the comms due to the environment involved.

Hello @aheath,

It this sounds like a similar issue we have been seeing due to 802.11r causing issues with the Bolt. The development team is working on a firmware release that should resolve the issue. In the mean time we have found that turning off fast roaming should resolve the issue. In the AT command window enter ATS4000=0

Let me know if this resolves your issues or if you continue to have issues.

P.S. I have moved this over to a new topic.

Is this issue resolved in 2.0.12? I’d like to update to this firmware to fix this issue.

Hi @pjackson,

There were fixes for 802.11r in 2.0.12. and I have not heard any reports recently regarding this issue.


I’m having the same issue with the connection dropping and having to cycle power. Running firmware 2.02.01 and tried turning off the fast roaming ATS4000=0. It seems to have made it worse. Any other suggestions and is it set to 1 by default?

Hello @bobbyc,

Yes the default value is 1. You can se all the S registers in section 4 of the AT command user guide.

Do you see anything in the AP’s controller logs regarding the device? I it might be getting disconnected from that side rather then the bolt losing connection.