Flexy 205 with Schneider Electric EGX150/ Link150

Topologi.pdf (586.5 KB)
I have a plant, were I need to connect several circuit breakers and Earth-fault monitoring relays to the Flexy 205. I have 2 of EGX150, collecting the modbus RTU, one in each cabinet. Total number of addresses is 58.
Is this possible to solve with this equipment? I would appreciate som advices and explanation how to solve it, cause this is new to me.
Thanks in advanse

Hi @christianaa,

You just want to poll the 2 Modbus RTU devices with the Flexy? Do you need to send the data anywhere?

The following document explains how to set up the Modbus RTU master on the Flexy:

Polling Data from Modbus RTU

You will need to get a Flexy 202 with a built-in serial port or get a Flexy 201 or 205 with a serial extension card to connect to the RS485/422 bus.

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EGX manual.pdf (1.8 MB)
Attached the manual :slight_smile:

But is it possible to use EGX as TCP devices, and the Flexy as a master? Then I might not need the communication card?

Thank you!
We will send the data further via OPC UE, to a top system.
I will study your description. I just hope the EGX can be used as RTU devices?

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They Flexy has both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP options. It can be a TCP Client or Server. See:

AUG-0059-00 - Polling data from MODBUS TCP

KB-0184-00 - Publish tags in Modbus TCP

I tried to connect the EGX150 to the Flexy. How do I see if there is a communication between them? I cant find an values…

Another screenshot :slight_smile:

When you hover the cursor over the red icon, what error is shown?

You can enable “Disable tags in error” setting in ‘IO Servers > General’ and then check the event logs for errors also.

Also check if you can poll the device using a Modbus TCP master simulator, like Modscan or CAS Modbus Scanner, for example.

If you want to disable tags in error, then make a backup of the Ewon using eBuddy (Including Support Files), and send it to us, we can take a look at it for you.

Thanks again for reply
It says “No communication”, so I guess there is a setup problem with the EGX?

Yes, most likely. Can you use a modbus master simulator like Modscan or CAS Modbus Scanner to poll the EGX?

Sorry for my late response… I get som values from the NSX circuit breaker now, voltage, Hz ++, but I am struggeling with the most important kWh values. I need the total kWh consume. Can anyone give an example how to set it up in the tag-setup?

If you can read other values, that means the connection with the Flexy is setup properly. I don’t know anything about the NSX device, but maybe you have the wrong data type? Maybe you need to swap bytes? If it’s a float value, you may have to do a conversion.

If you are getting a certain error message or result I might be able to provide you a more specific answer, but you should probably consult with Schneider for help with specifics about their device.

As I can figure out, it is a 64bit, delievered i 4 addresses. If I want to split it into two 32 bit, how can I solve that? And add them together as one value?


We can’t help you with how to solve this in your PLC. It is going to depend entirely on the PLC you have and software you’re using. Keep in mind this is a common issue because Modbus doesn’t have native support for Floats, so many others have already solved it before you, I’m sure, using the same PLC and software you are using. You just need to google something like “combine DINT to 64-bit float in XYZ PLC software”.

In the Ewon you will just read the registers separately.

Ok. Thanks again for your support.

You’re welcome.