Flexy 205 with serial card connecting to Mitsubishi A1S

Hi Tim,

We sent the Flexy to a customer. I set up the wifi network to connect to theirs when it got there. Now when they plug it in there are not light lit on the wifi card. What do you think is wrong? Is there anything we can do without being


If it’s setup to connect on their wifi network the only thing I can think might be wrong would be if they’re blocking UDP port 1194, TCP port 443, or blocking openVPN with a firewall such as sonicwall.

Was the device setup for static or DCHP WI-FI connection? If you know the IP address it should be getting you could have their IT team take a wireshark capture and look if there’s anything blocking the device.

kb-0209-00-en-adresses-and-ports-used-by-talk2m.pdf (290.9 KB)

This is way above my level. I set up an old router in my home to have the same wifi network name as they have and used it to configure it. It is a guest network with no password.

They say that no lights are lit on the wifi card. This that normal to have no lights on the wifi card??

Is there anybody with a computer at the location so that we could take a look at this over Teamviewer? If there’s no lights on, I believe that means that there’s no signal

I’m trying. There is a skeleton crew there with no IT people and it is very discouraging. I’m also trying to get them to hardwire it into the wall but I don’t know if that will work.

As long as they have a PC and an Ethernet cable, I think I can help them get the device back online

OK. Can you send me what you to do or do you need to talk to them directly? They are getting it set up now.

I can just try and talk with them directly. Can you send me their contact info?

[customer info hidden]

Thank you!!

Can you tell me what the login info for that device is? it looks like the default:

User: adm
Pwd: adm

doesn’t seem to work

Tim, this is from another employee there who sent the document to IT:

Thanks Frank for the information.

Our IT dept indicates that we have another vendor using type of solution, therefore it should work. TCP port 443 should be open. He did not see the device on the network, but Rex might have taken it back to
his desk by that time. He is thinking he will go into the office tomorrow and make the hardwire connections live that are near the lappers and first verify that he can see the router on our network, then we can proceed from there.

It does look like the TCP port 443 is open, UDP 1194 is definitely closed, but I think the issue might be that they either don’t have our servers whitelisted or that their network might be blocking openvpn

Hi Frank,

I’m not really sure what the issue might be with the hot spot but it seemed to be disappearing from the Flexy’s available connections and his PCs available connections. Can you have them check the items above and then I can try and take a look at this tomorrow morning?


Will do. Thanks. This is what you want them to check?:

UDP 1194 is definitely closed, but I think the issue might be that they either don’t have our servers whitelisted or that their network might be blocking openvpn

Hi Frank,

Sorry for the delay. Yeah, if they already have TCP port 443 open, we can work with that. We just need to make sure our servers are white listed and that OpenVPN isn’t being blocked.


OK. That’s what I thought so that’s what I sent them. I’m just waiting to hear back from them this morning. I’ll let you know what I hear. Thanks again for the help…


I’m trying the get the IT guys phone number so you can call him directly. Having me and Rex in the middle is just hindering things because we are not experts in this stuff. Stay tuned for his info…

Here is the IT contact at Silfex who is helping us. Can you please give him a call?

Ben Phares

[contact info hidden]


Ben is trying to call you. Can you give him a call or I can pass your number on to him….

Any luck?? I have no idea what’s going on other than the customer threatening to make me drive to Ohio…