Flexy205 and SQL




Is it possible to send data from flexy to a SQL Database? Is it available only using eSync? How can it be done? I need to connect an eWON Flexy to a local SQL database and a remote SQL database, is it possible?



If you were to host the SQL database else where you would most likely need to make request client side. For showing on the eWon web page. If you were to do this I would recommend offloading the entire site and just accessing the ewon though the API.

To get data off of the eWon you have a few options. The API as stated above, eSync , and the datamailbox .

You have quite a bit of power at your disposal however you must ensure you are following through with normal web development conventions. As such, natively you will be unable to send data directly to a database as we will have no backend to directly interface with said database. It may be possible to develop a JAVA program to interface with a tertiary database, though that will require quite a bit of testing and is currently unsupported.

You can utilize Data Mailbox for database configurations.