FTP File Transfer



Is there an option to send historical data log files via FTP to a remote server on a schedule? If so is there a KB article on setting this up?


Yes, you can accomplish this with a BASIC script:
(From RG-0006-01 Programming Reference Guide)


PUTFTP S1, S2[, S3]

S1 - The destination file name, to write on the FTP server.
S2 - The file content of string type. This content may also be an Export Block
Descriptor content.
S3 - The FTP server connection parameters.
If unused, the FTP server parameters from the “General Configuration” of the web
interface of the device will be used.


This command puts a file on an FTP server. The content of the file is either a string or an Export
Bloc Descriptor.

The S3 parameters is as follow:


option1 This option sets the mode of transmission: value 1 is passive mode where value 2
is active mode.
If omitted, option1 = 0, and the mode will be set to active mode.

This command posts a scheduled action request for a PUTFTP generation.
When the function returns, the GETSYS PRG, “ACTIONID” returns the ID of the scheduled action and allows the tracking of this action.
It is also possible to program an ONSTATUS action that will be called when the action is finished
(with or without success).

Example: Put a File on a FTP Server

// Post a file containing a custom text
a$ = “/ewon1/MyFile.txt”
b$ = “this is the text of the file”
PUTFTP a$, b$

// Post a file containing the event log
a$ = “/ewon1/events.txt”
b$ = “[$dtEV]”
PUTFTP a$, b$

// Post a file with the Histo logging of Temperature tag
// on a defined FTP server.
a$ = “/ewon1/Temperature.txt”
b$ = “[dtHL$ftT$tnTemperature]”
c$ = "user:pwd@FTPserver.com"
PUTFTP a$, b$, c$


Thanks for your help.