Help setting up USB-to-CAN compact and Nanotec BLDC PD4-EB59CD-EB-65-2 motor


I am trying to use the Nanotec PD4-EB59CD-EB-65-2 motor with IXXAT USB-to-CAN compact. I have installed all the required software and drivers in my windows laptop but I am not able to see the motor connected in the canAnalyser3 Mini software.

Hi @SD1 ,

What are you expecting to see in canAnalyser3 mini? This would only be able to display messages from the device. and is only going to show you the raw data. Nanotec might have dedicated software for the motor. They would be supporting their own software.

The USB-to-CAN is going to read or write CAN messages to the CAN bus using the VCI driver. But what and how theses messages are used is going to be managed through software such as canAnalyser3.

Hi @deryck_hms,
Thank you for your reply.

This is the first time I am using CANopen interface. I am actually trying to use Nanotec Plug & Drive 2 software to use my motor but I am not able to see IXXAT adapter or motor connected in the Nanotec Plug & Drive 2 software. The Nanotec suggest using IXXAT adapter with Plug & Drive 2 Studio but I am unable to make it work.

Unfortunately I do not know how the nanotech software works.

Do you have the VCI v4 drivers installed? Does the USB to CAN show up in canAnalyser?


From a previous case it looked like the VCI addon was needed. Help Setting up USB-to-CAN compact and Nanotech Stepper - #5 by deryck_hms

I recommend reviewing Nanotechs documentation or ask them for input, your hardware though it may be different.