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I am working in a Project which 1 need to enable the historical datalog every hour (minute 0 of the current time clock). I have about 80 tags, which it is impossible to get the tags information at the same time if I set 3600 seconds in the logging interval field.

So, can I create a basic scrip which it help me to make the historical data logging at minute 0 for each tag?

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You could add them all to the same group such as group b. Then in the basic script use an ONDATE to call a LOGIO function.

@tedsch suggestion would be the best option. An ontate with 0 * * * * would trigger at minute 0.

Do you have an example of the script?
I am new on this topic

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See the ONDATE and LOGGROUPIO in the basic user manual

Something like this should work:
ONDATE 1,"* * * * *","LOGGROUPIO 'B'"

For something more complex you will need to use a goto.

Thanks for your help!
I have another question: i want to delete the data stored in the historical datalogging, i found it can be reach with ERASE “#ircall” command, I applied it and the data were deleted but i want to delete the table where contains the data too. (I am exporting the historical data in .htm file)
How can i get that?

I am not sure what table you are referring to.

You can also clear the historic logging from Storage > erase and format


Hi Deryck,

I have applied the command: ONDATE 1, “0 * * * *”, “LOGGROUPIO ‘A’”

The flexy works fine as I want, but I have a problem.

When flexy is powered off, it loses settings and does not log data every hour.

I am trying to apply the command ONVPN + ONDATE 1, “0 * * * *”, “LOGGROUPIO ‘A’” to the flexy so that it writes the command every time the machine is powered up again, but I don’t know how to apply ONVPN + ONDATE + LOGGROUP

Do you have any idea?


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You should be able to have seperate lines/commands for each.

ONDATE 1, “0 * * * *”, “LOGGROUPIO ‘A’”

Hi Deryck

After a certian time the command

ONDATE 1, “0 * * * *”, “LOGGROUPIO ‘A’”

stops executing.

How could I solve the problem?

I can´t find the way to executing the command automatically if the flexy is powered on again.


Where is the on date in your code? There really isn’t a reason for it to stop. Perhaps it being called to again before a previous call has finished and it causing issues. I would review the error in the event logs to see if they point towards the issue.


I´ve resolved the issue, but I have another little issue one, how I can get the script execution always be in “running”?

When the flexy is power off the execution stops, then when the flexy is power on I have to put in running mode manually


When you go to the BASIC IDE there is a menu option called “Run”. In that option you can check a box to have the script autorun.