LabVIEW driver for VCI V3?

my goal is to use a “USB-to-CAN V2 compact” interfaced with LabVIEW in order to read values from a CAN bus. I plan to use the VIs contained in the “VCI V3 Sample - LabView programming” pack (that can be found on the website) in order to test this setup.

I have installed VCI V3 ( on a computer running windows 10, but I can’t find the LabVIEW drivers for VCI V3 on the IXXAT website.
Are there any LabVIEW drivers for VCI V3 ?

Side note : I am not able to install VCI V4 because the windows 10 version on this computer is too recent, so I can’t use the LabVIEW drivers made for the V4.

Thanks for any help

Hello @Camille,

There isn’t a separate set of drivers for lab view you should be able to use the VCI drivers. Though there is a DLL for lab view.
Here is some documentation on it. 4_02_0250_20012 C-API V1_5.pdf (803.7 KB)

What issues are you having with VCI v4? There is a dedicated download for windows 10 with signed drivers, make sure this is the one you are using.


Hello @deryck_hms ,
when trying to install VCI v4 it gives an error message saying the drivers are made for windows 10 v10.0.10240, and the windows 10 build running on my computer is v10.0.16299.

Hello deryck,
My mistake, I was trying to install the 4.0.660 version instead of the latest one (4.0.709).
The VCI v4 installed succesfully as well as the LabVIEW library.

Thank you for providing the correct link